I am very happy and satisfied with your dealings, the way of reception and communication is very patient and friendly. Thanks a lot for your cordiality, concern and support. Your hospital is very patient friendly. May the Good Lord bless you all and keep you safe. I wish you all the prosperity and blessings. Thank you.

Sr. Flower John D.M

The doctors and staffs are very good. I am regular here because of the quality treatment. Thanks

Fr. Amal Raj

I am very much satisfied, keep up the good work. Wish you good luck! Thanks

Floey Varghese

Thank you so much. I am very happy and comfortable. God bless you all.

Sis Rani Zavier

I am very happy and satisfied with your treatment. Thank you

Sr. Christy D.M

I am satisfied with the treatment given by the Doctors of Charlie Dental. They are very cooperative and all have given special attention to me. Wish you and your team all the very best.

Mr. Manikandan

Here the doctor cares my teeth. Very pleased and satisfied with the Charlie clinic. Thank you so much.


Good treatment, feels good and satisfied with your service till date.

Ms. Thara Chandran

Satisfactory results, friendly environment, customer satisfaction is guaranteed. Will definitely recommend to friends.

Ms. Debora

Here the treatment is very neat and efficient, cost is very low and maintained hospitality. I am fully satisfied with the treatment. Thank you.

Mrs. Ramani

The treatment is very neat and good than in other hospitals. Thank you.

Mr Selin Sanugh

Customer service is good, the doctors are friendly good follow-up and the premises are neat and clean.

Mr. A. Sridhar

I am so much satisfied with the treatment done here. I went for root canal treatment, their service is too good. They take special care, especially doctor and the staff. Thank you so much.

V. Gayathri

We agree the treatment provided here is good and patient.


Full satisfaction and good treatment. Thanks for giving advices about the treatment. Thank you

N.S Jeeva Jaspin

I feel very happy about your treatment. Compared to nearby hospital this is too much good forever.

Mrs. S.V Mini

Very good. Doctor explanation is very good and their duty is excellent.

Mrs. Azhaguvelammal