Teeth Whitening

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is a process of removing stains that stick on to the enamel, it is bleaching process used to get rid of the discoloration of the teeth. There are different ways of teeth whitening, some people go for bleaching sessions at the dental clinic, some buy over –the –counter products and very few people go for cosmetic treatment. Teeth whitening treatment is not permanent, though the results are effective and noticeable. It requires a lot of care and oral hygiene.

What are tooth stains?

There are 2 types of staining of teeth: extrinsic and intrinsic staining.

What results in stains?

Various factors cause stains such as:-

What are the teeth whitening options available?

There are 3 main whitening options:-


Such type of whitening gives significant results in very less time. High concentration of peroxide gel is used on teeth after the gums are protected with applying paint on a rubber dam. Stubborn stains may require one more session.

Take-Home Whitening Kits

Such professional kits use lower concentration of peroxide gel, but gives great results after a long time. The gel is applied with the help of custom made trays (bleaching trays) that look like mouth guards.


Dental veneers require a number of visits. In the first visit the patient consults the dentist, wherein the dentist examines the teeth, discusses the entire procedure to be performed as well as estimates the cost of the whole process. In the second visit tooth preparation is done .The dentist numbs the teeth which has to be reduced. After teeth is prepared an impression is taken with the help of dental wax/ putty. The impression/mould is sent to the laboratory where the veneer is created.After2/3 weeks the veneer is prepared and then it is bonded to the teeth (after proper cleaning of the teeth) with the help of a special light that activates the cement. Lastly the dentist will polish the teeth.

How to take care once a veneer is placed?

This is the cheapest & convenient way of teeth whitening as it involves buying of whitening kit from the store. This kit has a bleaching gel, which is applied with the help of whitening strips, paints applied on applicators, trays. This method may only whiten the front teeth and not the entire smile.

What are the risks involved?