Dental Crowns

What do you mean by dental crowns?

Dental crown works like a cap which is tooth shaped and is placed over the teeth. It covers the teeth and restores its shape, strength, size and moreover improves ones appearance. Crown is cemented over the gum line and it covers the whole teeth making it completely invisible.

Why do we require dental crowns?

Dental crowns have many uses such as:-

What type of crowns is available?

Crowns are available in different materials such as:-

How long does the crown last?

Dental crowns have a life of say 5 -15 years .One has to take extra care of the crown .Biting nails, opening packets, chewing hard things etc. are a few habits which have to be corrected .Moreover brushing teeth twice a day is a must and floss at least one time in a day.

What problems can one face with crowns?

Hence proper care should be taken and regular dental checkups are required to maintain a healthy dental structure.